Simple Steps to increase your value

HANA is coming... Take the time now and a few simple steps that we will show you to
increase your value as an SAP Consultant

Friday, Febuary 17th

   12:00 PM Eastern Time

The Webinar

SAP HANA Express 2

This webinar will guide the participants on installing, and setting up the HANA VM and Eclipse software

In This FREE Live Training:

Learn how to Install SAP HANA VM on your Laptop

Learn how to install SAP HANA Studio on Eclipse

Connect and explore HANA Perspectives and Functionalities.

                             Tony Cecchini

President, IT Partners

Mr. Cecchini has organized this and several other upcoming webinars to prepare the IT Partners consultants at DLA for the upcoming HANA migration.

                                         Jason Bliss

Cadence Technology

Mr Bliss is an avid HANA enthusiast, as well as the lead functional APO/SCM consultant at DLA. Jason will be our presenter

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